Preparation of Organometallic Compounds

Our group has always been interested in the development of new selective methods for preparing organometallics (Li, Mg, Zn, Mn). Our first major report in this field described the stereoselective conversion of alkenyl iodide to alkenyllithium compounds via an iodine-lithium exchange.untitled

This highly stereoselective reaction has been largely used in total synthesis.

The preparation of functionalized organometallics is a major challenge for the elaboration of highly functionalized molecules. The preparation of functionalized aromatic Grignard reagents via an halogen/magnesium exchange is an important contribution in this area. This procedure, that we have disclosed with Professor Knochel, is now frequently used by synthetic organic chemists.


We are also very interested in the preparation of Organomanganese  Compounds or Manganese enolates.

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Selective Organic Synthesis and Organometallic Catalysis