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The research group SOSCO, founded in 1976 by G. Cahiez at the University Pierre and Marie Curie (Paris VI), moved to the university of Cergy Pontoise in 1993 then to the University of Paris 13 in 2009. It is presently located at Chimie ParisTech (IRCP, UMR 8247) since 2013.

We are interested in both stoichiometric (Mg, Li, Zn, Mn) and catalytic (Mn, Fe, Co, Cu) aspects of organometallic chemistry. Thus, we have been pioneers in the development of the chemistry of organomanganese reagents.

Recently, we are especially involved in the search for new highly selective organometallic reactions involving non toxic and non expensive metal or additive, i.e. Mn- or Fe-catalyzed cross-coupling reactions and we have a leading position in this area.

In the framework of sustainable development, the search for such reactions is of vital concern for industrial applications in fine organic synthesis.

Our goal is to deliver new industrial tools for pharmaceutical, agrochemical and material science applications.

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Selective Organic Synthesis and Organometallic Catalysis